Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Fun #49 - Themes, Take Two

Um, ok, so right.

Last week you were all on vacation? Labor Day weekend and/or Mai Tai kept you away from the computer? Your in-laws were visiting and doing all sorts of home improvement projects for you? The dog ate your computer? Must be! :)

WF #48 was really more administrivia than fun, but, to quote Dora, "We need your help!" Now's your second chance!

Name (at least) 3 possible monthly themes we could use over the next year.

(Bonus points if they relate in some way, 'cuz that's fun.)

P.S. So far we've had a few suggestions: side dishes that go with turkey, low-cal/healthy for January, September/Apples, October/Soups & Stews, November/Thanksgiving dishes, December/Cookies or Treats. What else can you come up with?


Ms. Huis Herself said...


(Garden stuff that comes in large quantity all at once & would be good to find some way to preserve/store/pickle/freeze, etc.)

Nectarine said...

So I know it says three but here are months.
October - apples
November - Thanksgiving Sides
December - cookies
January - soups
February - chocolate
March - crockpot/hotdish
April - salads
May - cream cheese
June - fruit/rhubarb
July - drinks
August - Grilling
Sept - cinnamon

Anonymous said...

Im commenting here about your edamame poll... my chihuahua mix doggie loves edamame. Fresh, frozen, shelled, in the pod... I think she has learned the word 'edamame' because when I ask her if she wants some edamame, she wags her tail. She wags when I ask her if she wants to go for a walk, but does not wag if I offer her an apple (doesnt like apples for some reason).

Pusher said...

Since we have all these awesome categories all set up already, why not run through the tags?