Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ok, gang, here it is, a list of monthly themes for Recipeeps 4 Us!

Thanks to all who gave suggestions and input. I took quite a few of those, rearranged a bit, and came up with this list. Since we're so close to the end of the year, I figured I'd just go ahead and do the rest of '08 and all of '09 besides. (Crockpot Favorites is first 'cuz now that we've got Pumpkin's dance class 5:30-6 once a week, and mine another day from 6:30-7:30, I'm looking for ideas! Plus, you know, cool fall weather + the yummy smells that fill the house + hey, look, I just got home & supper's already ready = awesome!)

  • October: Crockpot Favorites
  • November: Thanksgiving Side Dishes
  • December: Cookies & Sweet Treats for the Holidays
  • January: Healthy & Low-cal
  • February: Chocolate
  • March: Soups & Stews [Revised to Breakfast.]
  • April: Quick Breads - banana, zucchini, cornbread, etc., not yeast-based ones
  • May: Grilling
  • June: Salads - fruit, veg, pasta, etc.
  • July: Tex/Mex
  • August: To-may-toe/To-mah-toe
  • September: Apples for the Teacher
  • October: Say CHEESE!
  • November: Turkey - as a main or to use the leftovers
  • December: Party Food - dips, appetizers, etc.

OF COURSE you're always welcome to post recipes / tips & hints / links / requests / whatever that don't necessarily fit that month's theme; these are just to kind of make us say, "Oh yeah, I've got a great recipe that fits that theme! I should post it!"

I'll try to start each month with a reminder of what the theme is, as well as a linked list to any previously posted recipes that would fit it. If I miss any, feel free to put them in the comments and I'll add 'em in.

(If you want to, you can take advantage of the "scheduled" option for a upcoming month's theme by putting in your recipe, then going down to "post options," which is to the left of the labels spot, and putting in a date/time that is in the desired month. But only if you want to.)

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