Friday, September 19, 2008

CSA Week 15

Oh, goodness! I almost forgot to post our CSA picture today! But as I was cutting up the cauliflower for supper I remembered... so here you go!

According to our newsletter, brusselini, also known as sprout tops, are the tops of the Brussels Sprout plants which "are harvested so energy will go to increasing the size of the sprouts." Now you know something new for today, too!


Pusher said... do you use brusselini? What does it taste like? Does it smell better than brussels sprouts when it's cooking?

Ms. Huis Herself said...

I made it last night - just boiled it up a bit (not too much) and doused it in butter. It was ... fine. Pumpkin & Mr. Kluges weren't fans & Penguin had one leaf and that was all for her, so I guess I get the leftovers. It was a bit cabbage-y/brussels sprout-y, but a little milder, I think.

I didn't think it was too stinky, but *shrug* you might.

Brussels sprouts will always remind me of two things now - one, that we saw them growing when we were in Belgium (and I took a picture! *grin*) and Ireland, where they are very popular, can be found fresh in stores all the time, and are a traditional part of holiday meals. Who knew?

Pusher said...

Thanks for the info/review!

I remember your brussels sprouts picture. They're so cute! I really enjoy them, but barely ever make them because they're so stinky to cook. (I've always hated cooking cabbage-y smells.)