Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Fun #48 - Themes, Themes & More Themes

WF / adminstrivia again today, folks, but oh, do I hear the brainstorms a-thunderin' already! Last week I asked about WF, polls, keeping the site fresh/moving, ideas, etc. There was a resounding response (hey, 100% agreement from all (2) commentors - that's resounding!) that themes - likely monthly ones - helped folks think about what to post. (Of course, non-theme-related posts very, very welcome always.)

So, let's hear it for some themes!

Leave your comment with any themes you might like to see here on Recipeeps, and if it'd fit well with a particular month/time of year, include that. Maybe a certain food (like the rhubarb request Pusher made) or type of preparation/storage (like the freezer keepers), or something like side dishes (maybe going into the turkey day / holiday season?) or low-cal/healthy for January? If you need a boost to get you going, Allknowingjen suggested these in her comment last week: September/Apples, October/Soups & Stews, November/Thanksgiving dishes, December/Cookies or Treats.

Go, go go! Storm away, O Recipeeps Brains!

The more themes, the better - we can choose a set of 12 for this year like Nectarine suggested in her comment, and save the rest for later.

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