Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Fun #47 - Is Fun?

When I started doing these Wednesday Funs, it was with the purpose of having at least something posted here to Recipeeps weekly. Sure, when we all/each post recipes varies widely depending on when we make something good, when we've got time, if somebody requests something, etc., but I wanted to keep it fresh / useful / a habit for people to check in. So I thought a weekly food-related thing-to-do would help with that.

But I don't know if it is accomplishing the purpose of keeping the site from getting stagnant, for lack of a better term. And I don't know if these are actually fun for people, or at least worth a semi-regular visit to the site. And you know what? It's getting kind of hard to think of something new every week. I mean, how many "Name 3s" can a person take?! ;)

What do you think? Is it worthwhile having something along these lines? Do you like the idea of a weekly something, but have an idea(s) about a way to do it better / more interesting / more fun? Would you rather do something like take turns (as folks volunteer) to post something each week for a month - a WF, a recipe, a link, a tip, whatever you want? Do you want to, say, focus on a specific food / type of dish / type of preparation / seasonal thingie for a month & everybody try to throw out a recipe / tip / whatever related to it that month? (Of course, other recipes, etc. would still be warmly encouraged. Do you like the polls or WF, but don't especially care about the other one?

Help! Let me know your thoughts, please!

Feel free to leave your comment anonymously, if you'd rather, but please let your comments be helpful and constructive. Thanks!


Allknowingjen said...

I love the idea of a Wed Fun thing- and I agree that it keeps things moving at least weekly. But I can also see how at a certain point it gets challenging to think of new interesting things to post about!
So I think the volunteer idea is excellent. I'd be happy to take a month or two of wednesdays.

What I also think worked fairly well were the requests for certain types of recipes (the freezer/ rhubarb ones)- maybe we should start a Monthly Challenge? You know, this month we're looking for veggie side recipes- or we're looking for strawberry recipes- it could be as wide or as specific as we wanted. I seem to remember to think about posting more when there's a specific request. kwim? (September/Apples, October/Soups & Stews, November/Thanksgiving dishes, December/Cookies or Treats - Just some ideas) Is that any help?

Nectarine said...

I love checking in on the Wed. things but I LOVE the idea of posting around a theme. I am guessing it is getting hard to come up with ideas.

I am in two different cooking clubs at home and each monthwe have a theme to cook around. It is sometime fun to think of what I will make and it would give us all month to at least post one thing we love around that theme. We could have one week of thinking of a variety of themes and choose 12 or more for the year.

Hope this helps a little. Thanks for getting the site moving!