Friday, August 15, 2008

CSA Week 10

I can't believe it's week 10 already. This is the midway week of our CSA shares. I've gotten so used to getting most/all of our veggies by box, it'll be a real let-down when it's over!

You know how I was talking about gadgets & how handy the salad spinner has been for the salad mix we've been getting every week in our CSA box? Well, guess I don't need it this week. The dust buster got a workout though when Pumpkin opted to husk some sweet corn and have a little pre-dinner snack. Nothing like fresh corn on the cob! (Cooked or not!)

I think my girls are not too shabby on liking their vegetables...
at least some of them anyway.

(In case you were wondering, last week's CSA, which we picked up on our way out of town for a reunion for Mr. Kluges's extended family, included new potatoes, basil, leaf lettuce mix, sweet onion, green beans, carrots, garlic, summer squash & zucchini, green peppers, cucumbers & cherry tomatoes. They had some of a variety named "Sungold" that are so sweet!)

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