Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Fun #46 - Getting Gadgets?

In the past couple of months, I've purchased two kitchen gadgets that I'm so glad I now have. They reduce my workload enough to be noticeable.

Well, one of them only when we've having salad 'cuz it's a salad spinner, but I got it because we've been getting salad mix I think every week so far in our CSA box. But still - helpful!

The other one's a dust buster. I'm counting it as a kitchen gadget because it's mostly used for post-meal, under-kid-chair duty. How I did without it so long, I'll never know.

So, how about you?

Get any kitchen gadgets lately? How'd'ya like 'em?

1 comment:

Nectarine said...

I love gadgets!! I have a cake cutter that I got for under $4 to make a great layer cake. I have been making a lemon cake that is GREAT!! I love the dust buster - but after 2 years it hardly has enough power to get all the crumbs. That will have to be replaced soon.