Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December's Theme - Party Food

Our normally scheduled Wednesday Fun will be usurped today by the monthly theme update. Hope y'all don't mind, but I've still got unpacking & laundry to do from our Thanksgiving trip!

(I will put up a poll, too, but actually, I'll be scheduling to leave it up for two weeks so I hopefully get a large number (well, relatively speaking, that is!) of you to weigh in on it.) (ShoNuff, feel free to do a poll with your review anyway next week, if you'd like!)

Anyway, December's theme is Party Food! Hooray! Since there are so many get-togethers, parties, and, of course, New Year's Eve coming up, let's hear your recipes for dips, appetizers, finger food, cute little desserts, etc.

Here's a few we've got so far:**
  • Diplowhat shared some Taco Salad Dip that is making me hungry.
  • Or you could go with her Dead Sister Dip. (But maybe call it something festive!*grin*)
  • Also in a TexMex-y vein, we've got Nectarine's Chicken Enchilada Ring.
  • I really love Tomato Bruschetta, even if it's way better in summer.
  • Syl's Cucumber Sandwiches make me think of summer, too, but that never stops me from eating them!
  • The Sexy Blonde posted a Roasted Bell Pepper Antipasto that I think sounds more "pro-" than "anti-!" (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)
  • Nectarine shared some Caramel Dips for Apples. Nice if you want something in addition to or instead of a cheese/creamy sort of dip.
  • Apple Berry Salsa is also from Nectarine - again, also a nice fruity option.
  • A more exotic option than (or addition to) a veggie tray could be Diplowhat's Miso & Cucumber.
  • Pusher's Peppered Tuna Skewers might go great next it, too!
  • And if you're looking for another seafood option, The Sexy Blonde shared a recipe out of the South Beach Diet cookbook for a Salmon Ball.
  • Also along healthier lines, this time from Cooking Light, she also posted Proscuitto-Wrapped Figs Stuffed with Bleu Cheese.
  • Pusher's Soft Pretzels. You might think "Oktoberfest" thinking about pretzels, but color your salt green & red with food coloring & you've got an officially holiday-looking snack!
  • No one can guess what's in the sauce for Nectarine's Crazy Meatballs, but it doesn't stop them from coming back for more!
  • If you want to be fancy, and are willing to stand in front of a pan of oil for a while during your party, you could make these Crisp-Fried Vegetables that are really good, if not at all make-ahead-able.
  • And how can you not end with some classic (and colorable) Cream Cheese Mints from Pusher?

** As always, if I've missed a recipe you think should be on this list, let me know & I'll add it. I only looked through the Appetizers/Cocktail food label, so there could very well be other good recipes under Snacks or Desserts or whatever. Thanks!


Pusher said...

Note to Ms. Huis: I was clicking through some of these and on the prosciutto-wrapped figs you had mentioned that Mr. Kluges is not a bleu cheese fan. I recommended a couple domestics, but I have a new one!

It's made in Mineral Point, WI (by a family Puck knew back in the day). It's called Hook's Paradise Blue, and I think it's the perfect blue cheese for people who don't like blue cheese. It has the character, but it's a double cream, rich, smooth, creamy, and so easy to eat!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful, Pusher! We'll have to take a look for it around here. Thanks!