Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday Fun #114 - Christmas Traditions

Thanksgiving's got its (admittedly stereotypical) traditional foods what with your turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes (possibly with marshmallows), cranberry sauce (possibly still with its rings from the can), & pumpkin pie.

Christmas has got...what? Christmas cookies? Peppermint sticks? Eggnog? All good and tasty, but not a lot of substance there. (Well, other than all the "substance" that ends up on my hips after a few rounds of Christmas cookies!) I'm wondering if you and your family have any traditional Christmas DINNER-type foods. Do you always have ham? Turkey (again)? Standing rib roast? Pierogies? The yearly lobster dinner? Some ethnically-traditional dish passed down for generations from one side of the family or another?

What's YOUR traditional Christmas (or Christmas Eve) Major Meal food?


ShoNuff said...

No set traditions, though my dad's side we always used to have muscacholli (sp?) because my Grandma mistakenly thought it was my Uncle's favorite. Now Ham is common. With my mom's side this year I think we're supposed to have Chicago Italian Beef. I wouldn't mind that becomng tradition.

Kashka said...

Potato Sausage, made by my parents every November. We used to have rice pudding, along with the traditional apology by my Mom for it being either too stiff or too runny, followed by our traditional mock anger at her ruining Christmas again (violently shoving back chairs, flinging napkins to the ground, etc.) but that fell off the menu the last couple of years.

Suzuri said...

Christmas Eve dinner. Drunken Mushrooms, Bob's Bread, Olpoiteck, Perogies, baked fish, Mushroom barley soup, sauerkraut, Coconut cake, Ice cream pie. For a few years in there we did layered Jello, but that only lasted about 5 years. the dinner part of this has been going on around...hmmm, generations? Longer than I've been alive, anyway.