Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Fun #113 - C is for Cookie!

Life's been busy 'round here with holiday prep, including some cookie baking. So far we've made a variation of Syl's Pretzels and Hugs with caramel kisses as well as some sugar and molasses cut-out cookies. Not that we actually made the dough for the cut-out cookies (yay, store-bought buckets o' dough!), because that's NOT the fun part of those. The fun parts are rolling, cookie cutters, and sprinkles!

So, how about you? Have you made/do you plan on making any cookies this holiday season? What kinds? Anything especially drool-worthy that, gosh, you should probably share with the rest of us Recipeeples? :)


Pusher said...

Thanks to your quiz, I now totally want one of those peanut butter cookies with star chocolates. But I don't want to make them, because I'd eat them all. C'mon, holiday platters, don't let me down!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Ok, all, sorry - I apparently didn't check the "allow multiple answers" box on the poll.

Pusher said...

Update: My next-door neighbor brought by a box of cookies with the peanut butter kind in it! WOOT!