Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WF #101 - Input?

So, regular readers will have noticed that last week I asked about what you liked/didn't about WF, ideas for it, etc. Our good friend ShoNuff has offered to do some restaurant reviews, so that feature will start appearing monthly, usually on the second Wednesday. Hooray! Thanks, ShoNuff!

He's also offered to do some wine reviews/food pairings if folks are interested. I think it sounds like a great idea - how 'bout y'all?

Anybody else have talents they want to share (beer reviews? food trivialist? cookbook review?)? Or have more to say on what you like or don't or would like to see as a Wednesday Fun feature? Speak up, I'd love to hear more input/ideas!


Syl said...

I would love to post a recipe that seems like a good idea but turned out bland and ask folks to suggest ways to spice it up. If it has good bones and is easy to make, it's a shame when it just isn't very flavorful.

Anonymous said...

not exactly on subject
but wanted to tell you about a cookbook that I think very worthwhile esp for families (not so much for me but was fun to read)
perhaps you have already seen it, if not, well worth getting out of library or even buying, Gasp!
The Six O'clock Scramble , (quick, healthy, and delicious dinner recipies for busy families)
author Aviva Goldfarb
TN Great Aunt

ShoNuff said...

Syl... just add tabasco sauce... that's why they include it in all the Army's MREs.

Seriously, I like that idea allot... sort of community recipe creation.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Syl, I think that's a great idea. Way back when, AKJ did that (if I remember correctly). Not sure if we solved her problem or if she made it again, but I think this is a great place to do that.