Monday, September 7, 2009


This is yummy and makes a lot. Uses one eggplant!

1 Eggplant
4 Zucchini
1-2 onions
3-4 Green Peppers
1 Jalapeno
3 cans Diced Tomatoes (Italian Style - Basil, Oregano, Garlic)
1 can small Black Olives
3-4 cloves Garlic Minced
2 T. Chicken base

Saute garlic in Olive Oil. Add rest of ingredients and simmer for 1-1.5 hours until tender. Top with Parmesan Cheese

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Big Daddy, Esq. said...

Ooo...this brings back memories! My mom LOVED ratatouille! It's the way she always liked to use up those giganto-mongous zucchini that came out of her garden. :P