Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Fun #75 - It's Not Just For Food...

While looking through and old cookbook the other day I found a recipe for something I used to LOVE to make as a child that isn't food. What was it you ask? A Crystal Garden of course.

Did any of you make these when you were young? They're so much fun!

Hence, today's fun post of what non-food items do you have recipes for? Super salty and safe for kids to eat Play-doh maybe? A good recipe for big bubbles? Finger paints? Do share!

Crystal Garden
4 T salt
4 T water
4 T laundry bluing
1 T ammonia

Combine ingredients and pour over some pieces of coal, brick or clean stones in pan. (We always used charcoal, and a disposable pie tin works well for the pan.) Sprinkle a FEW drops of various food coloring over the mix. Do not disturb. In a few hours, tiny, colored crystals will begin to form and will continue to grow for a few days.


Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oh, in my ElemEd classes we once made "Goop" aka "Ooblek." I think it was cornstarch with a little green food coloring, and just enough water that it would flow. Cool stuff!

Pusher said...

Oh cool!

My mom used to make homemade play-doh for us, but I don't have the recipe. No need, really. :-)

DiploWhat said...

My mom used to make "ooblek" in her classes. The kids loved it and you can put it in a glass and then make farting noises with it. Double fun.
If anyone needs a good big bubble recipe, or some untried fingerpaint or clay recipes, I also have those.