Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Fun #71 - Sickie Food

As I write this on Tuesday, my 4 year old is home sick from school. She's had a low grade fever for a few days now, and I'm really hoping she shakes this bug soon. (Yes, if she doesn't, I'll take her in to see her dr.)

Her throat's been sore, her appetite is lessened, and her whining has been a little increased, so we've been trying to feed her nice, soft foods that she likes. Which has been rather hit or miss - she even turned down homemade noodles from chicken soup.

It got me thinking about "sickie foods." You know, the ones you crave when you're feeling under the weather. Maybe it's something your mom only gave you when you were sick, or good ol' fashioned chicken soup, or something spicy to clear out your sinuses... For me, it's Mrs. Grass's Chicken Noodle Soup (with golden nugget!). It's nice and warm, the noodles are small and soft (no hard chewing!), and you can put it in a mug and curl up on the couch under some blankets. I try to keep some on hand just in case.

How about you? What's your favorite sickie food?


Amelia Sprout said...

Spicy things, or mashed potatoes.

Pusher said...

Sprite mixed with orange juice. (Yes, I know that's a beverage, not a food.)

Canned pears.

Broth with truckloads of pepper.

I've never tried it while sick, but I bet miso would be even better than regular broth.

Kashka said...

Seven-Up. And soda crackers.

DiploWhat said...

For a cold I love either chicken noodle soup (home made but it sucks to make it when sick), or soon-du-bu-chi-gae (boiling hot, spicy, soft tofu soup -Korean).
NEVER 7-UP or Sprite or push-ups. My mom would always have me drink/eat that when I was sick when I was little. Now, I hate the taste and the memories.

DiploWhat said...

How about "Breakfasts" as a theme for the month of March? And, could we add "eggs" and "breakfast" as tags?

Happy Veggie said...

Oooo, Miso. We've done that a few times lately and it has been wonderful. Thank goodness for United Noodle and instant Miso soup.