Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick Pickles

I meant to post this back in January. Sorry. Anyway, this is a wonderful summer treat as it's nice and cool, but really is good any time. You can adjust this to add or subtract anything you like.

1 c. white vinegar
3/4 -1c. sugar (I prefer 3/4)
Mix these two together in a casserole dish or any other container that can hold the rest of the ingredients. It will take a bit of stirring.

1-2 regular cucumbers, sliced, or 1-3 Chinese or English cucumbers, chopped (depending on size) (see pictures)
Layer the cucumbers in any dish with a layer of salt in between each layer of cucumber. Let the cucumbers "sweat" for 1-2 hours. (Will need less time if using Chinese or English cucumbers). Rinse.

Put cucumbers in the vinegar/sugar mixture. Also add (at any time):

1/2 - 1 onion, sliced and cut in half (easy to eat slices)
3-4 red chilis (optional) de-seeded and sliced (They will not be spicy after soaking, but add a good flavor.)
1/2 - 1 red or yellow bell pepper (optional)
Put this all in the fridge and chill for at least 1 + hours. Enjoy! Will keep in the fridge for 3+ days.

*if the cucumbers taste at all salty after marinating for an hour, don't worry. The longer they soak, the less salty they will taste, until there is no salt taste.


Big Daddy, Esq. said...

Do you suggest any particular kind of vinegar and/or salt?

DiploWhat said...

Nope. Just use regular white vinegar (I belive I have a bottle of Heinz) and either regular table salt or kosher salt.