Sunday, February 22, 2009

March theme?

In this past Wednesday Fun's comments, Diplowhat suggested/requested we do "Breakfasts" as March's theme. That's peachy with me, but we'd originally had "Soups & Stews" scheduled & I just want to make sure nobody's been waiting for the chance to post a specific recipe with that in mind. So, I threw a new poll up to the right, if you'd help out by weighing in. I'll go with whichever's got the most votes by the end of Feb/beg of March. (We'll have visitors again on the weekend, so there might be a small delay, but I'll get there.)

Also, I'll add the tags "eggs" and "breakfast" right away. Let's use the "eggs" label for dishes that are primarily or substantially egg-based, not just, say chocolate chip cookies 'cuz they're in there, ok?

Thanks for the suggestions, Diplowhat!


DiploWhat said...

woops. Forgot you already had a theme lined up. Should the decision be breakfasts, I can think up a few Wednesday fun posts/polls with a breakfast or other theme should you feel like taking a break for a month.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oh, no problem, Diplowhat! It's nice to have suggestions that people need/want at the time - like when AKJ needed Thanksgiving side ideas, which fortunately happened to be that month's theme anyway. I've got no problem with swapping up the themes - it was just nice to organize a year's worth ahead of time so I didn't have to brainstorm up a new one each month. I don't mind revising the list though!

And if we do breakfasts, I'll happily take you up on your offer!