Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Theme - Starchy Side Dishes

Hello, all & happy June! As I was pondering a theme for this month, my eyes wandered along the tags over there to the right, and I noticed that we've only got about 10 things tagged as starchy side dishes.* Now I know we've got more than 10 potato or noodle or rice recipes that we make. Not that they are usually as glamorous or exciting as a fancy main dish, but it's sure nice to have some good staple side dishes to be able to round out a meal, or bring to a potluck (or Thanksgiving dinner), or just eat for a meatless/meat-light supper.

Currently, we have

So, how about it? Can you find a starchy side dish recipe to share this month?

*I know it's kind of a funny name, but that's how I divide it up in my own recipe box - "starchy side dishes" like Potatoes Anna, rice pilaf, stuffing, etc. vs. "vegetable side dishes" like green bean casserole, roasted beets, brown-sugar carrots, and so forth.

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