Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Fun #138 - I scream, you scream...

Happy Official Summer to you all! And it wouldn't be summer around here without the ice cream truck comin' 'round. With its song. And the resulting excitement and begging. :)

That's ok - growing up in the country, an ice cream truck is still an exciting novelty to me. So we do sometimes get ice cream (even though, oh, the prices!) Penguin almost always gets the same thing - a Dora-shaped ice cream bar with gumball eyes. Pumpkin usually gets something new - an ice cream sandwich, a crunch bar, a chocolate brownie cone... Me? Well, I usually just take a taste of the girls, but I'm a die-hard ice-cream-chocolate-combo girl, so I go for the classic ice cream sandwich, or drumstick, or similar.

How about you? If the ice cream truck
comes calling, what might you get?

1 comment:

Pusher said...

I don't remember the last time I got an ice cream from a truck, but happy summer to you too!