Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Maple Dressing and Poppy Seed Dressing

Ok, this doesn't fit the theme this month or last month or really anything, other than I was typing these up for someone else and I thought, "Hey! I could post these recipes too!" And you know, it's summer now, you might want to eat a salad. :)

Maple Dressing

1/4 C. Mayonnaise (do not use miracle whip*)
1/4 C. Pure Maple syrup
3 Tbs. White Wine Vinegar
3 Tbs. Sugar
1/2 C. Vegetable oil
+ Salt & Pepper to taste

Blend first 4 ingredients. Then slowly whisk in the vegetable oil last, then season to taste. Keep in a container you can shake to mix before using. Makes 6 servings.

Poppy Seed Dressing

1/2 C. Sugar
1 Tsp Salt
1/4 C. White Wine Vinegar
1 Tsp. Dry mustard
1/2 C. Olive Oil
1/2 C. Canola Oil
3 Tbs. Mayonnaise
41/2 Tsp. Poppy Seeds
1 Tbs. Onion Juice

Mix: Sugar, Salt, Mustard, and Vinegar until blended
Add: Olive oil, Canola oil and onion juice mix until blended
Add Mayonnaise & Poppy seeds last - you will have to stir a bit to incorporate the mayo

Throw in some cooked chicken and grapes and the Poppy seed dressing makes for an interesting sort of chicken salad as well.

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