Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Fun #136 - Memorable Matrimonial Meals

This past weekend Mr. Kluges and I attended a wedding. It was a very nice wedding with the reception held at a fancy golf course & country club. Main dishes were sea bass, chicken stuffed with crab, or prime rib. Nice!

So when I got to thinking about this week's WF, I was wondering about what outstanding or memorable wedding reception meals you've had. Any real stand-outs? Maybe extra fancy or creative & fun or incredibly thematic or even amazingly awful... Let's hear about it!

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Syl said...

I was very impressed with the food at mine. What I had of it actually tasted decent and not mass-produced. But I only remember it because it was my own wedding and I can't say I remember the food at any other weddings, from the simplest to the most expensive ones I've been to.