Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Fun #59 - Seating arrangements

I know, Thanksgiving isn't until next week (it is so LATE this year!) but it feels like everyone is thinking about it now anyway, so let's discuss.

How formal is your Thanksgiving dinner?

Do you all sit down at a huge table and pass plates family-style? Is there a buffet and everyone sits (or stands!) anywhere there is room? Is it very formal with the linens and the silver and the good china? Is it very laid back with paper plates/cups and you eat off your lap? Does the football stay on while you eat? Do you like things the way they are, or do you wish it was done differently?

Bonus discussion: Leftovers. If you host, do you horde the leftovers or do you try to get rid of them so you don't have quite so much? If you don't host, do you get leftovers? Should you?


Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oooh! For favorite flavor combo for the poll, can I pick "all of the above?" 'Cuz just reading that list made me hungry! :)

Nectarine said...

I am not hosting but would love to set a nice table. When do you get to use all those nice dishes that take a whole cupboard if not now? As for leftovers, I am for having everyone take home what they brought. But share the desserts!!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Well, everybody still fits at the same table for either side, so we do the sit-down family style meal for both. My side might get out the slightly-fancier plates, but Mr. Kluges's side is more likely to be paper ones if everybody's there.

My folks send a lot of the leftovers home with my brothers since they're local (and us, when we were), but they stay at my in-laws and are eaten there since none of us live close enough that it makes sense to try to take them home.

Nectarine - I love the share the desserts idea, but I'd rather take home a little bit of this, a little bit of that as leftovers than what I made (unless I REALLY like it).

Allknowingjen said...

Both sides of our family host a LOT of people so it's a big buffet, but then everyone finds a seat at a table. With my family, sometimes it's paper plates, sometimes it's real dishes (seems to depend on what my aunt feels like), and with the ILs it's paper/plastic.

We used to get leftovers when we were the college kids, but we don't get them anymore- more often there just aren't that many, and if there are some, they go to younger family members. I really like leftover turkey for sandwiches though so the past few years I've made a breast the wknd after T-day just so we could have leftovers :)