Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Fun #128 - Moscow on the Hill Review

Well this is going to be the end. I've exhausted the TC restaurants I needed to mention... except for one. Moscow on the Hill is located in a great old neighborhood in St. Paul. The area (in driving and walking through it) really has the feel of an area you don't feel the need to leave to be entertained. However, I don't think I could live there because Moscow on the Hill would be the end of me... but what a great way to go!

I've only tried a few different dishes there because I can't stop getting the Czar's Medallions. These are so creamy and delicious... yum, yum, yum. I've also had the Beef Stroganoff which is also fabulous. I've really enjoyed everything I've had there though none of it is what I would call "light". Everything is rich and heavy and complex flavored. Great comfort/winter food.

One of the really cool things... They do Vodka Flights!!! I haven't had the chance to try one of these yet (no designated drive when I've gone) but I really want to. They are also one of the places I've heard about as a great Martini bar. Wow I want a drink.

The thing I think is coolest about Moscow on the Hill is the ability to make everything and everyone seem welcome and fun. I mentioned the Martini bar... well it has that hip feel... it also totally work for me to go to with my mom and a number of my friends (we would probably not be call hip in most groups). Of course I have also seen large families there, with three or four generations represented. The best recommendation I can give is that I've heard a number of older (grandma + aged) women speaking Russian (and drinking lots of vodka) and enjoying time at Moscow on the Hill.


Ms. Huis Herself said...

What a great one to end on! This is a favorite for my extended family. Have you ever tried their cold borscht in the summer? Divine!!!

Pusher said...

Mmmmm, Russian food. It's been way too long since we've been there!