Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wednesday Fun #129 - Go Get Good Groceries!

Wednesdays are my grocery shopping day currently. That'll change once our CSA deliveries start up again this summer, but for now, that's the routine. Then, my menu planning will have to become a lot more flexible depending on what we get in our boxes, and with nobody in school and nice weather, we'll probably bike to the local store a few times a week and do smaller amounts each time. ('Cuz not that much fits in the back of the bike trailer!)

As I was putting away the groceries & pondering this week's Wednesday Fun, it got me wondering how you all do your shopping. Are you a once-a-week-big-trip? A pick-up-on-the-way-home-what-I-want-for-supper-tonight? Do a monthly big shopping trip, then only milk & such until the next month? Do all the shopping for your household yourself or share the duties? Shop early, shop late, shop on the weekend, shop during the week? Live for double-coupon day?

Lemme know - what's YOUR shopping routine?


Pusher said...

Puck and I trade off grocery-buying turns. We go every two weeks, plus intermediate trips for things like Wednesday Dinner, parties, or "Huh. We're out of eggs."

I mostly shop Byerly's, but I'll often do a separate trip to Bob's Produce Ranch for meat (and, seasonally, produce). I'll let Puck share his preference if he so chooses. :-)

Our purchases are divided between personal staples and whatever large dish we're going to make Sunday night for lunches the next week.

I suspect that without me, Puck's grocery habits would be much more basic-ingredient-based, because he can create meals from basic ingredients. I need the ones that are specific to whatever recipe I'm following.

Syl said...

I do the shopping - when I let Pants go or ask him to go for one thing, he comes home with bags of crap.

I usually go about every 2 weeks after the kids go to bed. It's much easier to go without them and it's nice quiet time for me.

I buy mostly big and small things, things for recipes and staples. Snacks, lots of snacks - yogurt, applesauce, fruits, wheat crackers and hummus, etc.

ShoNuff said...

I do Bob's Mentioned above and then pick up the canned and Frozen goods at Rainbow.

Allknowingjen said...

I'm into the coupons lately, I had someone teach me an easy way to organize (plus I use the internet) and I've been saving between 30-60% off our groceries. Mostly I do that by going to double coupon day at Rainbow, (Wed) and sometimes going through the check out twice. I also try to shop sans children for the bigger trips, but it doesn't always happen.
I try to plan for a week and shop for a week, but I always seem to get about 10 days worth of stuff - which means that I can put off a trip if I need to, but I can't quite get to two weeks. That's dumb, I should fix that. :)