Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Fun #127 - More Eastery Sweetness!

Ok, I've been enjoying hearing from all you 'peeps re: peeps. I knew there were strong opinions out there! Now all this sugary talk has got me thinking about another Easter goodie... the traditional, ubiquitous jelly bean. I myself ADORE the black ones, enjoy quite a lot of the Jelly Belly brands, will eat the more flavored (as opposed to just sugar-tasting) regular ones, but HATE HATE HATE the wrongness of Jelly Belly's buttered popcorn flavored ones*. Just, no. Yick. No.

How about you? Are you a black-jelly-bean-eater, too? Only like the pinks? Adore those disgusting buttered-popcorn* abominations? Make it a habit to eat your jelly beans one color at a time? Grab 'em by the handful from your Easter basket and only pause to pick out the strands of Easter grass that've come along for the ride? Tell us about you and the beans!

*I think it's the texture. Buttered popcorn flavor & squish DO NOT go together! Yuck!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, not a jelly bean or Jelly Belly lover. Traditional jelly beans remind me of Ronald Reagan, and as a child of the 1980s, Jelly Bellys were a little bit after my time - I seem to recall the gaining popularity in the 1990s.

I do, however, like pink Peeps (previous post), solid chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs (original flavor with the scary-realistic yolk), and those miniature solid chocolate easter eggs that are wrapped in pastel foil.

My mom always used to put those chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs covered in foil in my Easter basket and I hated those.

The one problem with the tiny chocolate eggs is that it's difficult to eat those and read at the same time, because you always have to stop to unwrap the pesky foil, which sticks to the chocolate. I particularly remember this because my basket would have those and a Bobbsey Twin book and I'd get the book all chocolate stained every Easter.

Pusher said...

The only Jelly Belly as bad as buttered popcorn (leaving aside the ones like bile and whatever that are made to be gross) is peanut butter. Eeeeewwww.

I don't eat jelly beans often, and when I do I'm picky about them. They have to be, as you said, flavored like something besides sugar. They can't have that grainy sugar texture, either — the jelly part should be smooth and dense. Generally if I'm going to have a gel-like, sugary candy, I'll take Hot Tamales or Brach's spiced gumdrops (the purple ones are clove-flavored! *love*) over jelly beans.

Definitely a one-at-a-time eater.

ShoNuff said...

I want to paint it Black! I like the others too and eat them however.

Syl said...

Ish - black. I don't eat jelly beans much, but I will occasionally eat jelly belly beans. I prefer the sours. But only once every few years. And I'm on the fence with hot buttered popcorn - so wrong and so right.