Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Fun #126 - Pro or Con?

There are some subjects about which people often have strong opinions. Religion, politics... peeps. To some, they are small, sugary delights, once available only at Easter, now available practically year-round. Sure, their devotees might divide into the stale vs. fresh camps, but that's merely a small matter of orthodoxy. Then you've got the people who find peeps absolutely disgusting and can't imagine why anybody would voluntarily ingest those overly-colored, sugar-coated, marshmallow gut-bombs.

Now, you won't find me bringing up either politics or religion much on my blogs, but yeah, I wanna know what you think about this one...

Manna from Heaven
Tool of the Devil?



Pusher said...

Hilarious post!

I am strongly pro-Peep in the sense that I like seeing them around. They are comforting, nostalgia-inducing, and now also remind me of Temp and of Winter GAW. There's some quality Peep-related humor out there, and I think of them as one of those community ties.

Just don't ask me to eat one.

Kashka said...

Rather than answer directly, I will note that I just checked out of the grocery store with three little tubs of hummus, a six-pack of Firebrick, and 4 trays of Peeps (a tray is a row of 5 chicks, and anything other than a yellow chick is _not really_ a Peep (and yes, being the World Record Holder _does_ make me the arbiter of the Peep rules)).

And yes, what I got at the store does constitute the entirety of my evening plans.

Kashka said...

Also, and this story may only resonate with Syl, but just this week my boss said, "That's like trying to make Kool-Aid without sugar." All I could do to not reply, "Well...if one has enough Peeps and time...."

Syl said...

Ok, I voted Con. But I'm with Pusher - don't ask me to eat one, but having them in stores and knowing that they are being consumed somewhere in the world is comforting. Although, I usually assume that all consumption is actually done by Kashka and that she keeps the Peeps industry afloat.

Anonymous said...

I love them, but I only eat pink Peeps. I don't like the yellow ones. To me Easter = pink Peeps.