Monday, March 1, 2010

March Theme - Everybody's Irish on St. Paddy's Day!

It's a new month, and therefore time for a new theme. Now, unlike last year (and a bit of 2008), when I'd planned out all of the themes in advance, I'm doing these a little more off the cuff. So, you know, if you do happen to have a request for a type/style/sort of food (say, quick & easy main dishes, Asian-style side dishes, stuff that uses cream-of soup, finger foods for a fancy tea party...), please, let me know & I'll happily, happily make it a monthly theme. And probably very soon! :)

March, of course, holds St. Patrick's Day. Which, in this country, is really more of a celebration of Ireland & Irish heritage & anything green. So let's fly with that. Have you got any Irish, Irish-themed, or, you know, green recipes you'd like to share?

  • You could make some of these delicious Orange Butter Scones, which come from a real Irish cookbook, even though they're not a traditional scone at all.
  • This Brown Soda Bread is much more traditional, especially if you do remember to score it deeply into quarters, then prick each quarter with your knife "to let the fairies out."

Ok... is that it? Have we not got any recipes for Lamb Stew or or Shepherd's Pie or Beef & Guinness Stew or anything with Guinness? Well, we'd better fix that, wouldn't you say?! Have at it!


Kashka said...

I'm sure all the recipes in March will be lovely. As for me, I shall be existing almost exclusively on Shamrock Shakes.

Pusher said...

Mmmm, I really need to make that brown soda bread again.