Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Discuss: Cast Iron? (aka WF #122!)

Do you have a cast iron skillet? Dutch oven? Do you love it? Do you use it as much as as you thought you would? Do you like cooking with it? What about the enameled kind? Is Le Creuset the only way to go?

(AKJ, I'm totally hijacking your discussion question to be today's WF. I hope you don't mind. Hooray for not having to think up my own! :) Also, I'll do double polls on the side to see if that helps gather the info you want. Thanks! - MHH)


Syl said...

We had a cast iron Dutch oven for camping that came from my grandma, but I think it died. I am scared of cast iron because aren't really johnny-on-the-spot here with cleaning up.

Allknowingjen said...

No problem Mrs. H! I actually didn't realize it was Wed until after I posted it, but then I figured you would just do your own post up top or you would keep this for Wed Fun (great minds think alike!) :)

Syl- exactly, there is a whole seasoning, cleaning, drying thing that always sounds complicated.

Pusher said...

I *heart* my cast iron skillet. It is our go-to everyday pan. Except for the sides, which are a little rough, it cleans up so easily. And you can do anything to it. I'd worry about dumping whiskey into a hot pan and setting it on fire in anything other than cast iron. I want a bigger cast iron skillet someday -- probably soon, before I get too old to lift it.

I've often coveted le creuset enameled cast iron, but I'm terrified of it.

The only thing I don't love cast iron for is grilled cheese sandwiches. I have a half-assed theory that the pan absorbs too much of my precious butter when I want it in the bread instead!

Kashka said...

I suppose I shouldn't ask why there was no poll option for "What's a Dutch Oven?"

Pusher said...

Temp -- it's what we used to make monkey bread at Lamb's Resort that year that A.B-C nearly gutted you for mittens.

Kashka said...

I had access to monkey bread and the part you expect me to remember is what it was made in?

Mmmm. Monkey Bread.