Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Fun #119 - Kitchen Cuteness

We haven't done a "Name 3" for a while, and I'm feeling a little dry for ideas & it's approaching suppertime. So how 'bout this? Tell us 3 things you like about your kitchen. I think we usually get stuck on the negatives or wish lists like more counter space, a dishwasher, I-hate-the-traffic-flow, dated whatever. Turn it around and focus on the positive. Maybe you love the view out your window when you're doing dishes. Relish the color you've painted it. Treasure your favorite container for oft-used utensils right by the stove. (Mine's one I made in a pottery class and it makes me feel accomplished every time I look at it!) ...Are glad there's beer in the frig?

What DO you actually enjoy about your kitchen? Tell us 3 things.


Allknowingjen said...

3 whole things? hmm...
- size. It's an ok size
- potential- there is a whole wall to add cabinets/ counters onto. Someday.
- the paper towel holder is on the inside of a cabinet door.

Nectarine said...

I love my island.
My pantry seemed huge but now with three kids I could use more.
It has more then 2 drawers which is what our last kitchen had!!

Syl said...

I like:
My microwave
My range
My dishwasher.

All things I have bought. The rest can be torn out.

Pusher said...

1. It has a dishwasher. The awesomeness of this cannot be overstated.
2. Adequate cupboard space.
3. The cupboards aren't from the '80s.