Monday, June 1, 2009

June Theme - Salads

Hellll-ooooo, springtime!

That's right - the days of sun and fun and frollicking in the grass are here! Who needs soups or stews or oven-cooked hot things now? We want easy-peasy dishes that we can just throw together from what's on hand after we come in from a few hours spent outside! Let's have nice, light, easy, yummy salads!

Ones like these!
  • Quick Pickles from DiploWhat sound delicious and super-easy!
  • Nectarine might call this Winter Salad, but I think it sounds yummy and substantial enough for a meal-salad.
  • Her Easy, No-Prep Salad sounds perfect for when you've suddenly been invited to a BBQ and want to bring something more impressive than deli take-out...
  • Looking for something a little Mediterranean? Try The Sexy Blonde's Roasted Bell Pepper Antipasto!
  • Only 3 ingredients needed for DiploWhat's Tomato Snack. It makes me impatient for my garden tomatoes to start producing (in, like, what, weeks and weeks and weeks?!)!
  • And while Diplowhat calls her Tahra's Tabbouleh "very yummy and filling," she does confess it will "leave you with bad breath." ;)

How 'bout you? What delicious salad-y sort of recipes do you have? Don't worry if it's a simple, not-a-real-recipe one - many salads are - we'd love to hear it!

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DiploWhat said...

Mmmm.taco salad. But, I wouldn't even know how to write up a "recipe" for that one! Taco meat, tortilla chips smashed up, lettuce, salsa, chese and sour cream all to taste. Eat.