Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's CSA time again! Yay! (CSA Year 2, Week 1)

Hooray! Today was our first CSA box of the year and I was so excited all day about it. I know, geek, but yay! Here's what we got...

The newsletter said you could just eat the pea tendrils in salad, as lettuce on sandwiches, etc. So we had it with some baby spinach for supper. It was... good, and very much tasted like peas. The green garlic can be used like scallions or garlic, and I found out that apparently you can eat radish greens, too. Huh.

My favorite moment was when I held up the popcorn and asked the girls, "What's this?" Penguin immediately said, "Pop-toen!" while Pumpkin said, "Oh! It's Popallovercorn!" Then she had to make sure I remembered how much fun it was when we put last year's popcorn on a cob in the microwave without it being in a paper bag and watched it pop all over the place inside the microwave. Good fun, good fun!


Big Daddy, Esq. said... bok choy.... :P

DiploWhat said...

Baby bok-choy here is called "yo-cai" or "oil vegetable". I like to throw it on top of whatever meat I'm making, add a bit of water, and then cover it for a bit so it steams. It gives it a good flavor without adding any oil etc. Of course, you can also steam/sautee it with some sesame oil and that's also good. It's become a staple veggie here. When you visit you will be eating it. =)