Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Fun #63 - Argh! What's for supper?!

You know how it is. Sometimes, like, oh, say around the holidays, or during a busy week at work, you look at the clock, swear, then start digging in the frig and cupboard for something fast, easy, and hopefully nutritious to throw on the table.

You've got fall-backs, things you know you can usually make with what you've got on hand, but aren't "recipes" exactly. Well, I'd like you to share yours with us all. They might seem simple or no-brainers, but somebody else might be, "Oh gosh! I could TOTALLY make that tonight! Why did I never think to do that before?"

For us, it's often small pasta shapes (penne, radiatorie (sp?), etc.) with chunks of leftover chicken and/or chickpeas and/or pine nuts and/or ham along with some assorted vegetables - likely frozen peas or canned corn or oven-dried cherry tomatoes from the freezer or broccoli or quickly sauteed carrot coins. Mix it all together, throw it on a plate, top with some Parmesan and a little olive oil or the awesome porcini oil I got at The Olive Cellar, and YUM!

Occasionally at La Casa Di Huis is flour tortillas with leftover meat and/or chickpeas with cheese and some corn or other veg, and black olives as a plus with salsa for those who like. Either just rolled up as tortillas or heated up into quesadillas, these are a great way to use up ends and bits of leftovers. Plus, you know, melty cheese!

How about you? What's one of your I-can-almost-always-make-this dishes? Not that I'm hoping for inspiration for tonight or anything...


ShoNuff said...

We do black bean tacos pretty regularly... though they've turned into a not so quick thing since Pusher won't do them unless we've got avacado for guac. and hard shell tortillas to be layered inside the guac. inside the flour tortilla.

Kashka said...

Lutheran Comfort Food:

1 bag Egg Noodles
1 can Cream of Mushroom soup
1 cup milk
1 can tuna
1 can mushrooms
1/2 jar green olives (chopped)

Cook Egg Noodles per instructions on bag. Remove from heat, drain, add everything else, stir, microwave for 12 minutes.

Syl said...

Since we have at least one very picky eater, pasta is the go-to for us. Pants is actually much more creative than I am with this category, actually, throwing together 3-4 partial things to make a meal of sorts.