Friday, June 13, 2008

CSA Week 1

Hooray! We picked up our first CSA box last night. It was almost like getting a present. I think I was actually giddy when I was opening it up and pulling out all the treasures.

Here's what was in it. They say the first boxes tend to be lighter, of course, but I was pretty pleased with how much was there, especially since they had emailed 10 days ago to say that they might have to delay this first box for a week if not enough was ready.

I was most surprised by the popcorn! It was from last fall, but dried and stored until now. We're looking forward to making it. Pumpkin already said, "Oh! I didn't know popcorn grew on plants! I thought it grew on trees!" So our CSA share has been educational already.

The mushrooms and rhubarb were from other local farms, likely to pad out that first box. They won't usually be having mushrooms, unless there's enough interest to add in a "mushroom share" once or twice a month for $3.50/lb. Since we all four like mushrooms, we'll likely ask about that.

I even used up the baby bok choi last night already! I'd planned a main course (the pork chop recipe Allknowingjen just posted - and it was delish!), but figured on using something from the CSA box for the veg. So I washed 'em up, and just sauteed/stir-fried 'em in olive oil, throwing a splash each of sesame oil, seasoned rice vinegar, and soy sauce on them at the end. Yum!!!

While some sites also got strawberries, there weren't enough to go around this week. *pout* However, I'd certainly expect/hope for some next week!

Ok, so this week I'm cross-posting this on Recipeeps 4 Us and Musings & Mutterings, but in the future, I think it makes more sense to just post it over at Recipeeps, being food-related and all. So if you're curious, come take a look next Friday!

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