Monday, February 25, 2008

Slow cooker gravy best practices question

So you know how when you make a roast in the slow cooker? And there's all this tasty extra liquid at the bottom when you're done, what with the potatoes and carrots and meat and mushrooms and tomatoes and all? And you think it'd make really yummy gravy?

What's the best way to do that?

I've heard about adding tapioca to the slow cooker, so it automatically the leftover liquid is thicker, but I'm doubtful, and don't quite know when one would add it. I've taken the liquid at the end and boiled it up with some cornstarch, but then all the rest of the food is sitting there getting cold... So, any good suggestions?


Syl said...

I'm a complete idiot when it comes to gravy - can't get it right. I would love to hear the answer.

Allknowingjen said...

ditto Syl- though the husband has done the stovetop/cornstarch thing as well - with good results. But it's hard to get the liquid out of our cooker.

Pusher said...

I have apparently (according to Puck anyway) managed to make edible gravy a couple times in my life, but I have no idea how. And I thought it was just a given that if you want gravy, the rest of your food will be sitting there getting cold. Sorry, no help from me either.