Saturday, August 1, 2009

August theme - To-may-toe/To-mah-toe

Looking at this year's theme list, I see that August's theme is "To-may-toe/To-mah-toe."
So let's have 'em! Got any recipes for yummy ways to use fresh tomatoes? Perfect technique for preserving? Fabulous spaghetti sauce recipe? Salad that's so easy you hardly think it's a recipe, but folks really like it?

We don't have a tag specifically for tomatoes (nor do I think we need one), but it means I'm more likely to have missed a recipe that should be highlighted here. If so, lemme know & I'll add it in right away!

And a lot of the Mexican/TexMex recipes use (or could use) tomatoes in them or as a garnish. Plus there was a Wednesday Fun where you described your favorite way(s) to eat fresh tomatoes.


ShoNuff said...

BLTs. We had are first today and for all of you out there who know her... this is the thing (with fresh tomatoes) that Pusher loves s much as cheese.

Syl said...

Sorry, I'm out. Pants and I don't like tomatoes. At all.