Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Fun #84 - Kids eat the darnedest things...

I've heard the story a hundred times - whenever Mom needed a green pepper for a recipe, she always had to buy two... because I'd eat one, like an apple, while we were in the store. Don't know how old I was, but apparently, I thought green peppers were divine.

My own kids have already done some of that "you want WHAT?" sort of eating. I've talked about Pumpkin's unusual food likes as a toddler before, and Penguin was chowing down on bleu cheese yesterday and asking for more.

How about you? Got any stories about strange foods you'd eat and love as a child? Or got a kid of your own who is more than willing to munch some not-usually-considered-kid-friendly food? Let's hear about it!

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DiploWhat said...

I apparently love peas when I was little (hate them now unless they are snow peas) and hated potatoes! Of course, I love potatoes now. I don't know what was wrong with me then.