Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Fun #83 - Fruits, Take 2

So 1,000 fruits just sounded too overwhelming to y'all? Ok, let's try this then....

Name 3 (or more) fruits.

Bonus points if they are related in some way - start with the same letter, all stone fruits, all eaten on a recent trip to Mexico (Hi, Big Daddy! You rock!), all ones you hate, whatever!


Pusher said...

Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, gooseberries, grapes, peaches, chokeberries, elderberries, serviceberries: In common? They all live or will be planted this year in my yard. (So sad the cherries didn't make it.)

Big Daddy, Esq. said...

My mom used to make AWESOME chokecherry jelly from the tree in our back yard. Loved that stuff! You should give it a shot, Pusher. :P

I did my duty last week, so I'll leave the fruit naming to others this week. Except for lychees. I want to mention lychees. Because they're awesome little buggers. :D

Allknowingjen said...

Trying to think of ones that aren't listed yet;
Pineapple, Guava!, Passion Fruit, Kumquat, Coconut - THey are related because we had all of them in one way or another when we went to Kaua'i. Guava was by far my favorite- though I've mostly had it in juice form. Did you know that you can buy guava baby food? :)
Also, I think that avocado is a fruit, right? Does that count?

DiploWhat said...

mangosteen, rambutan, yellow watermellon. All things I've eaten recently and/or really miss. Tamarind would be another one, but I don't know that that really counts as a fruit.
Lychees are in season and really cheap here right now. Personally, I think they are ho-hum. No real flavor IMHO. Just kind of like eating an eyeball or something.