Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Theme - Quick Breads

Oh, hi! Look at that - it's already April 5th & I'd completely forgotten about putting this month's theme up. So sorry!

This month's theme is pretty simple, but yummy - quick breads. Now, we're not talking yeast breads, but rather the ones that use baking soda or baking powder to make them raise, and therefore don't require a lot of time. Your banana breads, zucchini breads, corn bread, etc. I don't make these enough - they're so easy and quick and great for snacks, breakfast, etc.!

We don't have a lot of these posted yet. In fact, I'd say
definitely qualifies, and I suppose
does, since it's made with baking soda & doesn't require time to raise, but that's all we got, folks.
So pull out those recipe cards and let's have 'em. Go, quick breads!

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Syl said...

Whew! When I first read that, I confused "Quick Breads" with "Sweetbreads" and I definitely did not want to participate this month.