Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Fun #79 - Kitchen Dreams

A while back, Mr. Kluges was talking about our kitchen cupboards over on House of 42 Doors and mentioned that he might want to move them back down ELIMINATING SOME COUNTER SPACE! Well, that idea was vetoed pretty quickly by myself as well as several of you commentors. (And rightly so. Silly man.)

But, you know, we DO pretty much all want to make changes in our houses, particularly our kitchens. Maybe ADD some counter space, change the cupboard doors or hardware, replace the stove, redo entirely to change the traffic flow, etc. I'd like to (someday) put in a center island with a dishwasher (since we have no dishwasher, no good place to put it in the existing cupboard arrangement, and plenty of space in the middle of the large room).

How about you? What change(s) would you make in your kitchen, if you could?


Pusher said...

I'd knock out a chunk of exterior wall on the south side and put in a large-ish bay window in place of the regular window that's there now. That end of the kitchen, which is where the stove, sink, and dishwasher are and therefore where much of the kitchen work gets done, always feels so closed-off and dark to me. Besides, then I could load up that window with herbs.

We will be replacing the floor and countertops in the not-too-distant future. Part of me also wants to strip and restain all the cabinets because they're that unpleasant orange-y shade that oak can get when it's not done right, but then the part of me that's NOT INSANE reminds me of how very much work that would be.

Allknowingjen said...

How much time do you have? ;) My kitchen is fine/functional- but could be so much better.
- new appliances (change electric stove for gas)
- I'd get cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling- getting rid of that overhang thing. (soffit?)
- New floor, countertop and backsplash
- I'd add a whole bank of cabinets/countertop along the one whole blank wall where there is none. Part of that would be a built in desk area. Also include a wine rack and some glass front cabinets for pretty storage.
-I'd put that expensive organizing hardware in the deeper cupboards
- add a skylight or something to give it more light -maybe just good task lighting
-bump out the wall it shares with the garage and make a wider entry way/mud room by the back door, but that would also require a new garage, and if we are doing that, then we should redo the deck, etc. etc. ;)
Daydreaming, I've even thought about extending the kitchen all the way into the current garage, then just building a driveway to a new detached garage.

DiploWhat said...

I would move.