Thursday, July 24, 2008

New meal planning site

We've really been in a rut lately, so I am trying out this new meal planning website and thought I would mention it here.
It's called You've got supper and it's FREE!
They send you a weekly menu with 5 entrees and two sides, plus a grocery list.

This Week's Menu:
Entree 1 Honey Chicken Kebabs
Entree 2 Beef and Rice Burritos
Entree 3 Salmon Baked with Tomatoes, Lemon & Herbs
Entree 4 Tarragon Chicken Salad
Entree 5 Pizza Margherita
Side 1 Baked Summer Veggies
Side 2 Cool Lime Pie

(the website has all the above recipes listed)

1 comment:

Ms. Huis Herself said...

That sounds fun. And I hear you about the rut! Let us know if there are any really tasty ones, ok?