Friday, July 25, 2008

CSA Week 7

We're excited to see some new stuff, like carrots!, in our box this week. Yum! This Sunday is a potluck picnic at "our" farm, so we might go to that, even though it looks to be about an hour drive.

I have to say that kohlrabi is fine... but I wouldn't plant it myself. Getting a little tired of it already. Maybe that's because the girls don't care for it, and it's not really a freezable thing, so it's just Mr. Kluges and I eating it up. This week the newsletter suggests making kohlrabi slaw out of it, so maybe we'll give that a try.

P.S. This week was also a mushroom share week, so we've got a pound of nice looking button mushrooms, but I forgot to include them in the picture since, as a separate share, they were in their own bag & not in the big CSA box.

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Happy Veggie said...

I would think you could actually mix the kholrabi in with cabbage so that your slaw wasn't so kholrabi tasting if you wanted. (which I think I may need to do tomorrow)