Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Fun #33 - Coffee Call-Out

Coffee's been on my mind lately since our coffee maker is dying. It made me wonder - if you're a coffee drinker,

How d'ya like YOUR cup o' joe?

Black as sin? A little cream 'n' sugar? Some fancy half-caf, soy milk, venti, one-pump of vanilla to-go at your fav coffee joint? The best is the stuff they make in your church basement with the egg shells in the grounds? One time you were in Europe and you had this coffee and your eyes were opened as to its wonder? Do you have a favorite way to have it at home and a coffee-shop favorite as well? If it's got caffeine, it's good enough for you? Do tell!


Allknowingjen said...

I am a morning coffee person (though I will sometimes have a cup after dinner if we are out at a restaurant, but I never do that at home)
When I first started drinking coffee I would only have a mocha, but that got $$ at my first job, so I started making my own concoction of coffee, chocolate syrup, & milk. Eventually I dropped the syrup. Then I dropped the milk and was a black coffee drinker for a long while. (though I do still love a mocha)
Since I've been home, I am back to putting a splash of milk in my coffee. And I drink way too much of it. :)
I like good coffee, but I don't grind my own beans or anything. And if I am up early enough, anything with caffeine will do just fine.
Ok, sorry for the loooonnnnnggg comment!

The Sexy Blonde said...

I hopefully still like a nice black coffee from decaf beans. I pretty much stopped drinking coffee when I got pregnant, so who knows what I'll like once I feel like I can drink it again? I still adore me a piece of mocha-chocolate, so I suspect that will stay high on my list :-)

Syl said...

Black as sin. I started with sugar and cream, but I just got lazy.

ShoNuff said...

Black, but if I'm at a coffee shop I want me a Mocha.

Pusher said...

This time, Puck and I agree completely.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Coffee can have cream, but only tea gets sugar. Unless it's some fancy, complicated thing, in which case in my mind it turns from "coffee" into a "fancy coffee drink." Which is different.

Either black or with cream are my favs for every day, and Mr. Kluges has converted me to the French press, even though I'm not snooty at all about regular drip coffee either. And I'm a 3 scoops of decaf, 1 scoop of regular to get just a bit of the caffeine.

Yum. I think I should maybe make an extra pot today...