Monday, May 12, 2008

Recipe Request - Fish & Seafood

I have never really liked fish. Growing up, I could tolerate fish sticks or a fish sandwich if there was so much tartar sauce on it that you couldn't taste it.

But so many seafood recipes look and sound good, if I could get past the fish. And I always taste Mr. Kluges' seafood if he has some at a restaurant. And we've been served seafood dishes occasionally by friends and relatives. And sometimes it's delicious! Like when he had some Chilean sea bass at the Oceanaire once... or the absolutely, positively fresh cod we ate in Iceland on a day expedition that included riding Icelandic ponies... or in Paris where we had The. Most. Incredible. Meal. Ever. at a little place called La Casa di Sergio with stuff like mussels in pasta and it was all just *swoon*.

Ok, maybe I just need to travel to enjoy seafood.

But since that's not so much an option at the moment, I've been trying to stretch my taste buds a bit. And I've found a recipe or two (ok, actually, 2) that are fine.

But I'd like to be cooking a bit more fish and seafood for menu variety, for the Omega-3s and health benefits, and to help my girls learn to like fish. (Pumpkin seems to enjoy it already.)

So if you've got a yummy fish or seafood recipe, would you mind sharing it? Or any tips or hints about cooking fish? Because my experience with it is quite minimal.

Thank you!!!


Pusher said...

Hee. This is funny, because I've been avoiding fish and seafood recipes since I know so many of the recipeeples don't care for it/are horribly, deathly allergic.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

:) Well, avoid no more!

(Ok, well, AKJ at least will want to avoid the seafood ones, I know... But post away! Please!)