Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Fun #30 - The Best WF yet!

Ha! Tricked you! This Wednesday Fun is actually a suggestion box disguised as a Wednesday Fun.
('Cuz I'm tricky like that.)

(Also because the Spring Cleaning post only got one comment so far. Anonymous commenter, thank you for sharing your opinion!)

So today's WF-like fill-in-the-blank is....

I'd find this site more useful if more of the recipes were ___________.


The Sexy Blonde said...

I'm going to change the question, because I find this site very useful. I envisioned it as a place to keep all my favorite recipies AND get to share them with my friends AND get to see all their favorite recipies. That's exactly what it has turned into. The reason I'm not as active on the site is because I'm not spending as much time cooking as I would like. I've got some bad habits to break as far as getting myself to spend a few extra minutes to make something healthy and yummy instead of throwing a pizza in the oven. I don't even think to come here and look for something quick and healthy, so the recipies being here might not even help at this point. There. That's my confession for the week ;-)

Anonymous said...

is #2 meaning keep the header, change from blue, cause that's my vpte
had asparagus yesterday with your recipe, YUM

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Anon: Sure. I was thinking change the header completely, but I can certainly adapt it and make it not and/or less blue. When I first put it up as the original color, it looked terrible with the rest of the color scheme of the site... but it's fun to play around with and try out.

But I'll take yours as a vote for Yes: asparagus No: blue! :)

Pusher said...

Sorry, Ms. Huis, I've got nothin'. Which is why I didn't respond the first time you asked for suggestions. It's all good with me.