Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring to you all! And with spring comes spring cleaning. And I'm hoping for some help and/or advice and/or opinions and/or ideas from you. (Yes, I mean you.)

What do you like about Recipeeps 4 Us? What don't you? What do you wish there was more of or less of? Is it as helpful as you'd hoped? If so, what do you find useful? If not, what would make it more so? Are there kinds or categories of recipes of which you'd like to see more? New labels that would be helpful to you? Any ideas you've been tossing around in the back of your head that would make this a better / more useful / more fun / prettier / whatever site?

And do check back to this post to read others' comments and continue discussion about them. If you'd like to comment anonymously, feel free, but I think we're up for some review/ constructive criticism/ probably revision now that Recipeeps has been up and in use for 6 months.

(I started to make this a "Wednesday Fun," but it's really not so much fun as it is hopefully useful. But I figured I'd piggy-back on those of you who check in on Wednesdays for the fun and pick your brains, too.)

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Anonymous said...

change color on heading, if those are supposed to be asparagus,
blue doesnt do it justice