Friday, December 14, 2007

Peep Jousting

Wog feels that if this site is called "recipeeps" that it should have some kind of Peep recipe. Especially since they make Peeps all year round now. This is the closest I can get. Fun for adults and children alike! (My dad loves it.)

1. Place two peeps of any kind on a plate, "standing", and facing each other. (We find this works best with ducks as they have the larger base.)

2. Place toothpicks into peeps as if they were each holding a lance.

3. Choose sides.

4. Place peep plate in microwave and set for one minute.

5. Peeps will expand as microwave runs. First peep to "impale" (hit) the other one with it's "lance" wins! (this will take under 1 min)


Allknowingjen said...

I especially like step #3. :)
I wonder if Kashka or Syl has the kool-aid peep recipe? It's not good though.

Syl said...

Still a fan of the classic peep tree. But the jousting sounds hilarious.