Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Fun #132 - May's Cookbook Challenge

Ok, gang, I know I'm a little late getting this week's WF out, but it's my only day this entire week when I don't have house guests! (In-laws left yesterday, my folks arrive tomorrow late.) But that's ok! Because I really like my idea for May's theme/today's WF!

It's a Cookbook Challenge!

Sometime in May, I'd like you to take your favorite cookbook (or one of them anyway) and choose a new recipe out of it you've never done before. Maybe you're like me and get stuck in a rut. Maybe you've always wanted to try this one recipe but it seems too expensive/challenging/you're-always-missing-one-key-ingredient. Maybe you've just never ventured past a certain page or out of "main dishes" or whatever.

But you know, you love this cookbook. You might as well try a new promising recipe out of it, don't you think?

If it's awesome, post the recipe here on Recipeeps. If it's not, well, then just leave a comment here or post us a "Tales from the Kitchen" story.

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Pusher said...

Great idea, Ms. Huis!