Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Fun #25 - Cookbook Call-out

Since this is apparently a good month for lists, your Wednesday Fun challenge for today is to name at least 3 of your cookbooks without looking at/for them. I figure we'll hear some of your most used ones, or most memorable ones, plus you'll give your brain a bit of a stretch trying to remember them.

List (at least) 3 of your cookbooks!

And a big thank you shout out to AllKnowingJen and The Dude for today's Wednesday Fun poll idea about egg dyeing! Brilliant!

P.S. Yeah, by the way, you don't have to be an official Recipeeps contributor to play these Wednesday Funs or do the polls, you know, so all you lurkers out there, join in!


Pusher said...

1. Joy of Cooking, of course. The kitchen bible. I have two editions.
2. Two Fat Ladies: Full Throttle
3. The Betty Crocker Cookbook — again, I own two editions of this, though I barely count the new one.

Allknowingjen said...

1. Joy of Cooking ( 3 editions here too)
2. Betty Crocker Cookbook- the BRIDAL edition :P
3. 2002 Taste of Home
4. Rachel Ray 365, no Repeats - I haven't used this one all that much really now that I think about it.
5. 2 or 3 various church cookbooks

Ms. Huis Herself said...

1. Joy of Cooking (just one edition - now I'm feeling inadequate!)
2. Cooking Light 2002
3. 15-Minute Vegetarian Gourmet
4. Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day
5. Waffles
6. Roasting - Williams and Sonoma, I think
7. Ballymaloe Bread Book

... and more that I can't remember. Maybe I'll look and type the actual ones up as my list for today.

Pusher said...

Oh hey, Ms. Huis, the Ballymaloe Bread Book reminds me — I have some lamb in the freezer that's destined for stew, and I want to make an Irish brown bread with it. Would you post a recipe?

Syl said...

1. Most of the Pampered Chef cookbooks.
2. Betty Crocker Best of Baking
3. Classic Home Cooking
4. Several Rachel Rays
5. At least one Lutheran cookbook
6. Fix it and Forget It Lightly

AKJ - there's an awesome recipe the 365 where you hollow out a half loaf of bread and fill it with a sausage mixture. Try it!

DiploWhat said...

1. Joy of Cooking (sometimes used - bought)
2. Great Cooking for Two (Better Homes & Gardens) Used and gift.
3. Chili Madness (never used - gift)
4. Pilsbury (rarely used - gift))
Cooking with Vet Med (or something like that - my SIL gave it to me - never used)
5. A Betty Crocker kids beginning cookbook I used when I was a kid.

there are more but that's what I remember without looking.

I really wish I had my mom's binder stle Betty Crocker cookbook. They are impossible to find, though. But, it totally rocks.

Pusher - try some annadama bread. It has cornmeal and molassas. YUMMY!

The Sexy Blonde said...

1. Great Cooking for Two
2. Joy of Cooking
3. Betty Crocker
4. Buca de Beppo, into the sauce!
5. More Cooking Light magazines than I can actually locate with any accuracy
6. Some hard cover Mexican cookbook, probably from BH&G
7. A gigantic Mediteranian cookbook
8. A gigantic BBQ cookbook
9. That church cookbook Kashka pushed on a bunch of us
10. The cookbook from the old college food co-op
11. A couple of veggitarian/whole foods cookbooks -- one of them is a Moosewood, I think
12. How to make a Pie from the Test Kitchen people from public televison and that one magazine I can't remember the name of...I think
13. Two of Alton Brown's cooking texts
14. The Culinary Institute's text that every chef they train must use
15. One of those Top Secret cookbook deals that is all about food science
16. The Splenda cookbook
17. Several more I'm not remembering at the moment off the top of my head...

Kashka said...

1. Adventures in the Kitchen II, frm the church I grew up in. It's got the recipes I use for rhubarb crisp, kringles, and pie crust in it, so its pretty much all I need.