Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wednesday Fun #14 - Food Resolutions?

It's now the New Year & I'm sure I'm not the only one with New Year's Resolutions. Do you have any food-related resolutions this year? Maybe to do more home-cooking? Cook with your child/ren? Eat less fast food? Eat more fruits and veg? Eat less junk food? Going to go organic as much as possible? Eat more healthily to help with weight loss? No caffeine? (Ok, that last one's totally not me, but, hey, it might be you...) Or are you celebrating some success with a food-related resolution from last year? Talk to us about your food-related resolutions, past or present!


Pusher said...

It's not really a resolution, but I would like to do better on the food/environmental front. Continue the long, slow process of retraining myself so I no longer approach meal planning as "Here's the meat, what should I do with it?" Use more veggies, expand into non-European cuisine. Hit the Farmer's Market more often.

Make bibimbap, since I have the bowls and everything.

I think we do okay with fast food/eating out. We'll go through streaks where we do way too much of it, and Zantigo's has become a standby on project days when we feel too busy/tired/dirty to cook, but generally we're not bad.

Happy Veggie said...

Oh, most of my resolutions (not neccesisarily the ones I listed on the blog) involve food. Eat healthier/better for the environment, set a good example of eating for Sprout, eat more home cooked and out less, buy a food share, eat less meat, drink less caffine and thereby save some dough, make fresh bread (initially typed as breast) once a month, master more Indian food than just Kheer.

Syl said...

I did buy a french press to make coffee at work instead of buying it, although I'm not sure it counts. And I also resolved to lose weight, which should involve the requisite "eating out less" and "not buying lunch."