Friday, September 21, 2007

A beginning

Ok, folks,

I've started this little blog about recipes that I'd asked y'all about before. I'll try to send invitations to contribute to those who expressed an interest, but if I don't send one to you either a) I haven't gotten to it yet or b) I don't have your (in some cases, current or preferred) email. So if you want me to do so, either leave me a comment with your email or send me an email or something. (If you know me in real life, you can send it to myfirstname@myhusband'

Here's how I see this working. Whenever you've got a recipe or cooking tip to share, you post it. Simple, huh? And make sure to tag 'cuz that'll make it easier for us all when we go looking for a recipe. Here's some tags I'm thinking would be useful in terms of general organizing of recipes. (And this is the way my box of recipe cards is organized because it's how my brain works.) (Also, yes, thank you, I already know I'm a dork.)
  • Breakfast
  • Breads
  • Poultry
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Seafood
  • Other Meat (like lamb, um, goat? buffalo? etc. Since I don't like seafood, my recipe box actually is "Other Meat & Seafood," but I figure seafood should really get its own tag here.)
  • Vegetarian Main Dishes
  • Vegetable Side Dishes
  • Starchy Side Dishes (you know, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.)
  • Soups With Meat
  • Soups Without Meat
  • Sauces & Fillings & Dips
  • Desserts
  • Beverages
Will those work? Do you want to just have one "Soups" category? (The division was a carry-over from when we were trying to do two vegetarian and two meat recipes per week, in case you were curious.) Of course, Tips & Hints should have its own tag. Do you want to be more specific in tags or will that end up with too many? Are there others you'd like to suggest because you think we'd have enough of them - Appetizers maybe? In honor of Pusher, do we need a separate Cheese tag? (I vote yes.) Do we want some method tags like "Slow Cooker" or "No Cook" or "Grill" or "No Oven" ('cuz that'd be good in summer in a big old house that has no air conditioning... not that I'm thinking of myself or anything... really...). I mean, you can always do a search within the blog if you want, say, a recipe that uses capers, for example, but are these tags useful enough without being too broad/too narrow?


(Oh, also, if you have a suggestion as to a better name, I'm all ears. Since "Recipeeps" itself was taken, I tried to find something fairly close, but different enough that we'd keep it straight.)


DiploWhat said...

I think there should be an appitizer/cocktail food listing.

Pusher said...

I think you have my old email address? The first part is the same (Puck's first+middle name), but it now ends in

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Pusher - right, I had been using your old one. You're now invited & updated in my email address book.

Happy Veggie said...

I second the appetizer category idea. I also like the veggie sorting thing, since I would like to try more veggie dishes. Especially in this first year before the kiddo can do meats.

The Sexy Blonde said...

Since we can do multiple tags per entry, could we just do a vegetarian tag? That way there would only be one Soup category, and a Main Dish category, and you can add the Vegetarian (or call it No Meat for that matter) tag when appropriate.
I like the cooking method suggestions, too!
Wish my week weren't so crazy so I could get with the posting ;-)