Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Fun: Pumpkin Art

What is Halloween around these parts without some creative pumpkin carving? Wander around your neighborhood or do a search on the web & you can find TONS of interesting (or gory or silly or elaborate...) ideas.

You might be a devotee of the classic jack-o-lantern face with its triangle eyes & nose & simple mouth with a couple of teeth. Or maybe a simple variation on that theme.

Maybe you are keen on making a set of pumpkins in a theme or using props to create a scene with pumpkins.

Using well-known art as inspiration?

How about designing a pumpkin based on the light inside of it?

Or you get out the wood-carving tools and go for the three-dimensional approach. (Man, are some of these impressive!)

Whatever sort of pumpkin art you enjoy (or toward which you aspire), I hope you enjoy seeing and/or carving some this October! If you've got links to some great pumpkin art, leave them in the comments because we'd love to see them!

Addendum: Want to make your pumpkin last? Check out this science experiment where 5 methods of pumpkin preservation (plus a control pumpkin) are put to the test!

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